QBNews 303

 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 11-15-92 (20:57)             Number: 293
From: DAVE CLEARY                  Refer#: NONE
  To: ALL                           Recvd: NO  
Subj: QBNews 303                     Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
After much delay, The QBNews Volume 3 No 3 is out. You can
get it in the following places:

Receiving The QBNews

     The  QBNews is distributed mainly through BBS systems around  the
world.  Some  of  the networks it gets  distributed  through  are  SDS
(Software   Distribution   System) and  PDN  (Programmers Distribution
Network). Ask the  sysop of your  local  board about these networks to
see if there is a  node  in your area.

     The  QBNews  can  also  be found  on  CompuServe  in  the  MSLang
(Microsoft  Language)  forum. It can be found in file area 1 or  2  of
that  forum. Just search for the keyword QBNEWS. The QBNews will  also
be available on PC-Link. I send them to Steve Craver, who is the BASIC
Programming  Forum Host on PC-LINK and he will make them available.  I
would appreciate anybody who could upload The QBNews to other services
such as GENIE since I don't have access to these.

     I  have also set up a high speed distribution network for  people
who  would  like to download The QBNews at 9600  baud.  The  following
boards allow first time callers download privileges also. They are:

    Name           Sysop       Location       Number         Node #

--- Treasure Island Don Dawson Danbury, CT 203-791-8532 1:141/730 Gulf Coast BBS Jim Brewer New PortRichey,FL 904-563-2547 1:365/12 221B Baker St. James Young Panama City,FL 904-871-6536 1:3608/1 EMC/80 Jim Harre St. Louis, MO 314-843-0001 1:100/555 Apple Capitol BBS Bob Finley Wenatchee, WA 509-663-3618 1:344/61 RadioLink! Steve Craver Columbus, OH 614-766-2162 1:226/140 MedTechNet Bill Hliwa Buffalo, NY 716-688-1552 1:260/10 The Crescent Software Support BBS 203-426-5958 --- msged 1.99S ZTC * Origin: Home of The QBNews (fidonet.org 1:141/777.1)
Outer Court
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