Need sound blaster inf

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Date: 11-15-92 (15:48)             Number: 249
From: ERIC B. FORD                 Refer#: NONE
  To: RICH GELDREICH                Recvd: NO  
Subj: Need sound blaster inf         Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
 > You want to save some money? If you can program in
 > assembly, and
I did it in QB.
 > have a free printer port, think about making/buying a
That's how I did it.
 > DAC that plugs into your free printer port. Once they're connected
Works well.
 > right, they produce some very good sound(if done right, comparable to the
I've never tried sound.  But it would work.
 > Sound Blaster's DAC), and are very easy to send tones to(well, easy if
 > you know how to program in assembly). I think COVOX also is selling an
Maybe you could work on mine and improve it.
 > adaptor like this, too. If you want some more information, then try
 > to check out MODPLAY's documentation, it'll show you what you need.
I'd like to.  Where can I get it?  Thanks.

Well, I have no idea about sound, but I've written a data
acquisition program that works like an osciliscope for any circut (unipolar
though) totally in QB. I don't have a clue about sending
anything out through there or sound, but I know that you
can pretty easily plug it in to a tape recorder and store
the sound on the computer.  I don't know how to replay it
though <G>.  Maybe you could be of assistance in this kind
of stuff.  Here's the equipment I use:

Parts for the circutry needed for the
Ultimate Remote Data Acquisition System:

1-25-conductor ribbon cable (278-772); $3.59
1-Solderless 25-position male D-sub connector (276-1599); $3.99
1-Modular IC breadboard socket (276-174); $11.95
1-"C" cell holder (270-389);$1.59
4-Alkaline "C" cells (23-550); 2 for $2.59
1-National ADC0820 analog-to-digital converter IC (Digi Key
1-National LM324 quad operational amplifier IC (276-1711);$1.29
1-74LS157 quad two-in multiplexer IC (Digi Key  DM74LS157N);$0.51
2-1N4001 rectifier diode (276-1101);$0.49 each
1-0.1 microfarad capacitor (272-135);$0.59
1-Hookup wire, 20-gauge solid (278-1216);$3.99
1-Set of jumper cables with alligator clips (278-001);$3.69
1-European-style 8-position barrier strip (274-768);$1.89

All part numbers () are for Radio Shack except where noted.

Digi-Key Corporation
P.O. Box 677
Thief River Falls, Minnesota

Then I here's the source code to the test program

DO:OUT &H378,1:OUT &H378,0:OUT &H378,3
A=(INP(&H379)AND&HF0)XOR &H80:OUT &H378,1:B=INP(&H379) AND &HF0
B=(B XOR &H80)/16:A=((A+B)/256)*5:LOCATE 10,25
? USING "Input Voltage is #.### volts";A:LOOP

Sorry for making it illegibal, but someone higher in FIDO
declared no POST-IT! Could you modify this for sound?
Output voltages?  That would be really neat. I'd send you
all the stuff on the program.  You could do some really
neat stuff with this.  Thanks.

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