Need Sound Blaster Info

 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 11-12-92 (21:55)             Number: 369
From: BRETT LEVIN                  Refer#: NONE
  To: TOM HAMMOND                   Recvd: NO  
Subj: Need Sound Blaster Info        Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
TH>I'm now thinking about investing in a Sound Blaster (gad... did I say
TH>that... in front of God and everyone?) if it can generate (programmable)
TH>tones of any frequency AND a decently sinusoidal waveform.  The
TH>programmability and the waveform are absolutely crucial to the success
TH>of this project.

     I'm not sure.. Hmmm..  I'm not sure what you mean by a sinusoidal
(hey, I'm 14 <g>) waveform, but I think it is one of the four available.
I didn't include that in the routines, but here's a line you can add in
that should do the job (just snuck a look at the FM register address

CALL WriteReg(&hE0, byte)

     Which waveform is determined by the 2 least signifigant bits (1s
and 2s)..  Here's a drawing of the waveforms (sorry, best I can do in an
ascii-only net<g>):

Bits:      00          01           10          11
 (here's a byte you can use for each)
Bytes:     &h00        &h01        &h02         &h03

          _/\  _     _/\____       _/\/\_      _/|__
Waveform:    \/
  (note: the /'s and \'s are rounded, and | is straight down)..

     Tell me if you need help!
(Sorry, just posted the routines and decided to plop this in! <g>)

TH>Does anyone (Rich Geldreich, others?) know what one must do (in QB) to
TH>cause the SB card to generate a particular tone?  I gather it's not
TH>nearly as easy as using the SOUND 1000,.1 command that I've been able to
TH>use in the past.

     Watch!  :-)

TH>I'd probably go for some other hardware (sound card) if it was cheaper
TH>and could be more easily programmed to generate the tones (and quality)
TH>I need.

      Actually, this should be pretty easy.  I wrote (from scratch) my
own set of simple routines to play through an FM channel on either an
AdLib or a Soundblaster.. I'll put them in another message to you (don't
want it to get sliced up).  You are free to use them in anything you
want, free to modify them (pretty much anything the GNU license allows
you too <g>) or whatever you wish, as long as you give me credit.. :-)


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