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Date: 06-22-92 (06:22)             Number: 1212
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Subj: Distance Formula               Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
RC>In short, How can I find all of the points between two points on
RC>a grid?

So the two points are  20, 30, 70, 130
                       x1  y1  x2  y2

What you're trying to lay out is called the ratio between
the change in x (delta x) and the change in y (delta y).

The ratio is (x2 - x1) / (y2 - y1)
           = (70 - 20) / (130 - 30)
           = 50 / 100
           = 1/2 or .5
in other words for every unit x changes, y changes 2.
(You can do (x1-x2)/(y1-y2) and the minuses and plusses
will work right as long as you are consistant.
So to compute the x,y points between, you do...

ratio = (x2-x1)/(y2-y1)

FOR i = 1 to x2 -x1
  x = startx + i
  y = INT((starty+i)*ratio+.5)
   '.5 rounds y to the nearest whole number
  PRINT x,y

That will (if I got my math right), will give you the
closest approximate (because you round off y) location of
all the x,y intersections.

Your "i" increment can also be set to just about any value
you want.
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