QBTiny & ADVBAS libs

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Date: 11-13-92 (13:30)             Number: 398
From: MARK BUTLER                  Refer#: NONE
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Subj: QBTiny & ADVBAS libs           Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
 Hi all, as promised I am keeping all of you who may be interested
 posted as to what Tom Hanlin had to say about usage of his ADVBAS and
 QBTINY libraries, I just recieved his reply....

 Area:    Q_HANLIN
 Date:    13 Nov 92  03:59:00  Public
 From:    Tom Hanlin
 To:      Mark Butler
 Subject: QBTiny and ADVBAS usage?
 MB> Since there are a number of folks in Fido's Quik_bas echo that have
 MB> been discussing QBTiny and your old ADVBAS lib I will probably cross-
 MB> post your response there. What is the status of these two libs
 MB> regarding usage Tom?

 TH> AdvBas and QBTiny may be used freely.  I no longer support them in any
 TH> real sense-- they may not be registered (source code is not available),
 TH> and there will be no further updates (beyond one minor upgrade for
 TH> QBTiny).  Of course, if anyone has any questions related to these libs,
 TH> I'll still be glad to answer them if I can.

 TH> The libraries are still copyrighted and must not be regarded as public
 TH> domain.  In particular, registered owners may not distribute the source
 TH> code, and any other restrictions on distribution as mentioned in the
 TH> original docs still apply.  I just have a few common-sense caveats: the
 TH> files must be distributed intact as a unit, with no added or deleted
 TH> files, and with no alterations to the existing files.

 TH> The bottom line is, if you find AdvBas or QBTiny useful-- use 'em.

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 Well gang that's Tom's word on it, use `em and enjoy I guess!

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