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Date: 11-08-92 (09:04)             Number: 394
From: MARK BUTLER                  Refer#: NONE
  To: ALL                           Recvd: NO  
Subj: SCRNCLS.ASM  1/2               Conf: (2) Quik_Bas

 Since I downloaded MASM v5.10a from the MS BBS I've been playing
 around with it like a kid with a new toy. I used DASM v3.1 to
 disassemble several public domain comfiles that do some fancy screen
 clearing and tweaked the code to produce a QB/QBX compatible OBJ that
 incorporates all three screen clearing routines. The result is what
 you see below. I believe this code is compatible with MASM 6 as well.

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        page    ,132

 title  scrncls.asm


The following routines are disassemblies of WIPERITE.COM, WIPELEFT.COM
and MELT.COM that can be used as screen clearing tricks in QuickBASIC.

QB compatible ASM format by Mark H Butler 11-08-92.

QB declarations:

DECLARE SUB WipeRight ()

        public  melt, wipeleft, wiperight

cseg  segment para public 'CODE'
        assume  cs:cseg
        assume  es:nothing
        assume  ds:nothing

melt    proc    far
        mov     ax,0b800h
        mov     es,ax
        mov     cx,07d0h
        xor     bx,bx
        mov     si,0000h
        mov     ah,es:[si]
        cmp     ah,20h
        je      M00126
        jl      M00120
        dec     ah
        mov     es:[si],ah
        inc     bx
        jmp     short M00126
        db      90h
        inc     ah
        mov     es:[si],ah
        inc     bx
        inc     si
        inc     si
        loop    M0010d
        cmp     bx,00h
        jne     M00105
        mov     ah,4ch
        retf    0
melt    endp

wipeleft proc   far
        mov     ah,08h
        mov     bh,00h
        int     10h
        mov     bl,ah
        mov     dl,4fh
        mov     dh,00h
        mov     ah,02h
        int     10h
        mov     ah,09h

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