Command Line Switches

 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 11-02-92 (19:00)             Number: 386
From: LUIS ESPINOZA                Refer#: NONE
  To: BOB LAPIERRE                  Recvd: NO  
Subj: Command Line Switches          Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
On (28 Oct 92) Bob Lapierre wrote to All...

 BL> I am trying to figure out, How can you make a Compiled QB4.5 program
 BL> recognize command line switches at the DOS prompt?  If anyone could
 BL> help
 BL> me out, I would greatly appreciate it.
 BL>       Thanks,
 BL>        Bob LaPierre

        Here is some code that I use:

SUB BreakCommand (cmd AS STRING, ar() AS STRING, Max)
  cnt = 0
    a = INSTR(cmd, " ")
    IF a = 0 THEN EXIT DO
    cnt = cnt + 1
    ar(cnt) = LEFT$(cmd, a - 1)
    cmd = MID$(cmd, a + 1)
  LOOP WHILE Max >= cnt
  IF cmd <> "" THEN cnt = cnt + 1: ar(cnt) = cmd
  FOR i = 1 TO cnt
    DO WHILE LEFT$(ar(i), 1) = " "
      ar(i) = MID$(ar(i), 2)
    DO WHILE RIGHT$(ar(i), 1) = " "
      ar(i) = LEFT$(ar(i), LEN(ar(i)) - 1)
  FOR i = 1 TO cnt
    IF ar(i) = "" THEN
      FOR j = i TO cnt - 1
        ar(j) = ar(j + 1)
      cnt = cnt - 1
    END IF
  Max = cnt

And this is how to use it:

DECLARE SUB BreakCommand (Cmd AS STRING, ar() AS STRING, Max%)


  Cmd$ = COMMAND$
  ArgC = 10
  BreakCommand Cmd$, ArgV(), ArgC

        Ok, things to note:
                ArgC is the amount of commands you want to retrieve
        from the command line (seperated by a space)
                The ArgV array will have all of those commands.
                Cmd$ is just a temporary variable to hold the COMMAND


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