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 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 06-16-92 (13:20)             Number: 543
From: BRUCE GROEN                  Refer#: NONE
  To: MARK BUTLER                   Recvd: NO  
Subj: Vertical Menu 1 Of 2           Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
*MB>  Are you talking about Christy Gremmel's routines? I scrapped my own   *
*MB>  home brewed windowing routines in favor of hers as soon as I saw      *
*MB>  them! I liked the way they imploded as well as exploded. You bet I'd  *
*MB>  like to see your routines! :-))                                       *
Below is my vertical menu routine.  It was already somewhat commented so I
figured I would send it first.  I have to variables that I have common
shared that you will need for this routine.  Attr and IAttr.  Attr is the
attribute for normal text and IAttr is the attribute for the selected option.
I popup a window first and then call this routine and then when it returns,
shutup the window and presto.  I am sure this is not that different from
other vertical menus you have seen but it is the one that I use.  If anyone
sees something that I can improve on please let me know.  I will get the
scrolling list and others to you soon.

SUB ScrollMenu (Menu$(), Entries, TopRow, LeftCol, Return$, SkipLine, RC)
'| Creates a Menu with a scrolling hilight bar used to make selection. | '| Menu$ | '| Variable Lenght String Array holding the menu selections. | '| Entries | '| % holding the number of menu selection. | '| TopRow | '| % holding the row on which to print the first selection. | '| LeftCol | '| % holding the column on which to start the first selection. | '| Return$ | '| $ with all keys that will return from the menu in the order | '| they represent. For Example: | '| File \ | '| Edit > Would have a Return$ of "FEV" | '| View / | '| SkipLine | ': % flag. If >0 then a blank line will be put between menu | '| selections. If 0 then no blank line will be printed. | '| RC | '| % return code with the number representing the entry in the | '| array that was selected. | '+
'Find Longest entry FOR TempLoop = 1 TO Entries IF LEN(Menu$(TempLoop)) > Length THEN Length = LEN(Menu$(TempLoop)) NEXT 'Prepare to skip a line between entries IF SkipLine THEN NextRow = 2 ELSE NextRow = 1 END IF Row = TopRow 'Display menu entries FOR TempLoop = 1 TO Entries FastPrint Row, LeftCol, Menu$(TempLoop), Attr Row = Row + NextRow NEXT 'Hilight First Entry CursorEntry = 1 GOSUB PrintBar WaitForInput: DO: Key$ = INKEY$: LOOP UNTIL LEN(Key$) IF LEN(Key$) > 1 THEN GOTO Extended ELSE GOTO Normal END IF Extended: SELECT CASE ASC(RIGHT$(Key$, 1)) CASE 71, 73 'Home Key & PageUp GOSUB EraseBar CursorEntry = 1 GOSUB PrintBar CASE 72 'Up Arrow GOSUB EraseBar CursorEntry = CursorEntry - 1 IF CursorEntry = 0 THEN CursorEntry = Entries GOSUB PrintBar CASE 79, 81 'End Key and PageDown GOSUB EraseBar CursorEntry = Entries GOSUB PrintBar CASE 80 'Down Arrow GOSUB EraseBar CursorEntry = CursorEntry + 1 IF CursorEntry > Entries THEN CursorEntry = 1 GOSUB PrintBar END SELECT GOTO WaitForInput Continued Next message. * MegaMail 2.1* #0:Psst! Your .zip file is open. --- * Origin: PCConsultingAgency USR DS - Tuc AZ - (602)790-6230 (1:300/21)
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