Set PC clock to AOTC

 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 10-31-92 (12:55)             Number: 342
From: DOUG RICKARD                 Refer#: NONE
  To: ALL                           Recvd: NO  
Subj: Set PC clock to AOTC           Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
100 REM
    REM Program name :-
    REM         SETIME.BAS
    REM Version:-
    REM         1.01
    REM Author :-
    REM         Doug Rickard                       07-3458717
    REM         Software Technologies Pty Ltd
    REM         PO Box 127
    REM         COOPERS PLAINS QLD 4108
    REM         AUSTRALIA
    REM Date:-
    REM         29-Oct-1992
    REM Function :-
    REM         This program will ring the AOTC ASCII time service and set
    REM         the clock on the PC to the correct time and date.
    REM         In line 1000 you must change COM2: to the com port to which
    REM         your modem is connected.
    REM         In line 1100 you must change the telephone number to
    REM         correspond to the closest time service to you. Currently
    REM         these time services are only available from Brisbane
    REM         (07-2217033) and Melbourne (03-6001641).
    REM         Keep in mind daylight saving!
    REM Environment :-
    REM         MS-DOS V5.0 and MS-QBASIC
    REM Invocation :-
    REM         C:> QBASIC/RUN [path]SETIME.BAS
    REM History :-
    REM         V1.00 29-Oct-1992 Doug Rickard
    REM                 Original version.
    REM         V1.01 30-Oct-1992 Doug Rickard
    REM                 Fix for daylight saving changes in AOTC format.

1000 REM Open the COM port for full duplex I/O.
     OPEN "COM2: 1200,N,8,1" FOR RANDOM AS #1
     PRINT "SETIME V1.01 30-Oct-1992 Set PC clock to AOTC time. Doug Rickard."
     REM Now send the dialing string to the modem.
1100 PRINT #1, "ATDT2217033"
1200 REM Check responses from modem until we get a CONNECT message.
     INPUT #1, A$
     IF A$ = "CONNECT 1200" THEN GOTO 2000
     IF A$ = "BUSY" THEN
        PRINT A$
     END IF
        PRINT A$
     END IF
     REM PRINT "Received "; A$; " from modem."
     GOTO 1200
2000 REM This is the main loop where we receive the time string from AOTC,
     REM validate it, and if ok then set the PC clock.
     PRINT "  PC time before correction is "; DATE$; " "; TIME$
     C% = 0
2010 INPUT #1, A$
     IF A$ = "NO CARRIER" THEN GOTO 3000
     REM Set a flag if it is a valid string we received.
     F% = 0%
     IF MID$(A$,20,1) = "*" THEN F% = 1
     IF MID$(A$,20,1) = "#" THEN F% = 1
     L% = LEN(A$)
2500 REM If string seems valid and is the right length then set clock.
     IF (F% = 1) AND (L% = 20) THEN
        REM Set the time.
        TIME$ = MID$(A$, 12, 8)
        REM Set the date.
        DATE$ = MID$(A$, 6, 2) + "-" + MID$(A$, 9, 2) + "-" + MID$(A$, 1, 4)
        REM Print out both times.
        PRINT "AOTC time is now "; A$
        PRINT "  PC time is now "; DATE$; " "; TIME$
     END IF
     C% = C% + 1
     REM Loop back until we have done it correctly 5 times.
     IF C% < 5 THEN GOTO 2010
9999 END

--- Maximus 2.01wb
 * Origin: Brisbug PC User Group BBS (3:640/821)
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