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 LP> I was wondering if someone could help me figure out how to best
 LP> utilize my space available with my XT.  I've got 640k with a 20 meg
 LP> hard drive and am wondering how to increase (or enlargen) the
 LP> potential size of my programs. I'm currently working on a bbs door
 LP> game using DOORSORC 3.2 and it's nice to work with , but I am coming
 LP> to t the point where I will run out of room to add to my program.
 LP> I'm thinking that one possible solution would be to add to the .LIB,
 LP> but I don't know for sure how to do this. Can someone help me.....

 LP> -= Lance =-

 LP> p.s.  QuickBasic 4.5

        One way to reduce the size of the EXE program is to compile the
program to use a Run Time library (BRUN45).  If you have multiple EXE files
you will save lots of space.

        To generate a library full of procedures, use LIB.EXE

Generate a Library reponse file:


File it as say Libresp.dat

To make the library:


Some features are lost using a run time library.  I will tell you more
about that if and when you come to it.


... Ahh! Come on George, just this one last little feature!
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