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Date: 10-23-92 (21:06)             Number: 366
From: MARTY DUPLISSEY              Refer#: NONE
  To: JERRY HUNTER                  Recvd: NO  
Subj: Not GUI - DARKSTAR! <G>        Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
Blabbering as if I knew what I was talking about!

In a msg of <22 Oct 92>, Jerry Hunter mumbled incoherently to Jim Coyle:

 JH> The purpose of the $9 per month is continuing support to my pet

O god, The BS $XX a month for continued support has crept into Shareware.
I refuse to subjugate myself to this crap for my business or for my bbs.

If you sell it. I'll look at it but I DO NOT rent software.

Now to keep from posting an off topic message and announce my return to this
conference. Here is a small utility I wrote to access a
sorted file. The program is for accessing a version 6
"Fidouser.lst" file but It can be adapted to reading an
index file in a database program . It's quick and dirty and
works for me but It will take modifacation to work for you.
The only reason I'm
putting it here is for the search part of the program.
==================Cut Here=============


OPEN "c:\max\nodelist\fidouser.lst" FOR RANDOM AS 1 LEN = 62
a$ = ""
DO WHILE a$ = ""
  lower = 1
  upper = LOF(1) / 62

  INPUT "Enter the sysops name ", sysop$
   TYPE usertype
     record AS STRING * 62
   DIM users AS usertype

   firstletter$ = UCASE$(LEFT$(sysop$, 1))
   rest$ = LCASE$(RIGHT$(sysop$, (LEN(sysop$) - 1)))
   sysop$ = firstletter$ + rest$
   user$ = ""
 DO WHILE lower <= upper
      middle = (lower + upper) / 2
          GET #1, middle, users.record
           user$ = users.record

           SELECT CASE sysop$
              CASE LEFT$(user$, LEN(sysop$))
                 EXIT DO
                CASE IS < LEFT$(user$, LEN(sysop$))
                 upper = middle - 1
              CASE ELSE
                 lower = middle + 1
           END SELECT
   IF user$ = "" THEN
      PRINT "Sysop not found"
      ptr = INSTR(user$, ",")
      lname$ = LEFT$(user$, (ptr - 1))
      firstname$ = MID$(user$, (ptr + 1), INSTR(user$, " ") - 2)
      user$ = firstname$ + " " + lname$
      PRINT "The sysop is " + user$

  INPUT "Press enter to continue or any other key to quit", a$

=================Well thats it=====================


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