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Date: 10-15-92 (10:15)             Number: 272
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Subj: Comm ports                     Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
 On 10-13-92 Chris Wagner wrote to Ray Carson...

 CW>  LG> So, instead of losing this conference, I would
 CW>  LG> rather see Chris open it
 CW>  LG> up to all the MS-DOS BASICs, including PowerBasic,
 CW>  This conference is open to ALL of the BASIC languages, and the BASIC7
 CW>  conference is open to the professional versions of the same basics.

Chris: you've made my day!

Here's a routine for setting the memory locations for Comm ports
1 through 4.  It works in PowerBasic, and may even work in QB
with some modifications:


CALL SETPORTS ' initializes port addresses (not done by DOS)

def seg=&h40
poke 0,&hf8  '03F8  sets com1 address irq 4
poke 1,&h03
poke 2,&hf8  '02F8  sets com2 address irq 3
poke 3,&h02
poke 4,&he8  '03E8  sets com3 address irq 4
poke 5,&h03
poke 6,&he8  '02E8  sets com4 address irq 3
poke 7,&h02
def seg

First, use the Setports routine to initialize the port addresses,
and then you can access COM1 through COM4 when you OPEN COM:

OPEN "COM4:9600,N,8,1..."

This routine will work on just about any IBM compatible. If you've
changed memory locations or IRQ addresses, just change the
initialization sequence to reflect your actual setup.

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