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Date: 10-14-92 (11:14)             Number: 361
From: LARRY RUPERT                 Refer#: NONE
  To: ALL                           Recvd: NO  
Subj: VB DOS BUGS                    Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
*    Thought some of you might be interested.  I wasn't because I
     don't use it.

                         Not about to either.


   TO:      ALL

   Thanks to you, we've found two bugs in the Common Dialog
   box Toolkit that comes with VB/DOS.  Here are the problems
   and source code changes that will fix them.

   1.  About Dialog.  If the CmnDlgs are pre-loaded with the
   CmnDlgRegister routine (as they are with the Notepad app),
   the first About show works fine but subsequent About>>
   requests will demonstrate a visual glitch in the "Icon"
   area.  To fix:

   A.  In the DrawAboutPicture (CMNDLG.BAS) sub, add the
   following line of code before all the PRINT methods.

   frmCmnDlg.pctAboutPict.CLS  'Resets .CurrentX and .CurrentY

   2.  The File Open and Save dialogs exhibit a redraw glitch
   when selecting a drive that isn't ready (door open, etc.)
   from the Drive drop-down.  The glitch only occurs if >>
   the drop-down is open (common when selecting a drive with a
   mouse).  To fix, make the following changes in the
   DriveChangeError handler of the DrvOpenList_Change event

   A.  Add the following lines immediately after the
   DriveChangeError label:
    LastError$ = Error$ 'Stores current ERROR$
    DrvOpenList.Drive = DirOpenList.Path 'sets a valid drive
    DirOpenList.SetFocus 'closes the drvOpenList drop-down
    DrvOpenList.SetFocus 'Restores correct focus  (more)
   B.  Change the MSGBOX line to:
    MsgBox LastError$, 0, Caption

   C.  Delete the DrvOpenList.Drive = DirOpenList.Path line
   that comes towards the end of the error handler.  It's
   redundant because of the code added in (2A) above.

   Sorry for any problems these might have caused you.

   Steve Podradchik, Product Manager VB/MS-DOS
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