DTR Patch?

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Date: 09-16-92 (11:58)             Number: 388
From: LUIS ESPINOZA                Refer#: NONE
  To: AARON LAPIKAS                 Recvd: NO  
Subj: DTR Patch?                     Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
On (14 Sep 92) Aaron Lapikas wrote to All...

 AL> Does QB 4.5 have a bug with DTR?  I know that previous versions do.
 AL> When the user SHELL's to DOS while online, the incoming data (while
 AL> the
 AL> user is shelled) is lost when they return.

        Yep that's normal for QB/PDS.
 AL> Also, I have been having trouble with ports and CHAINing - For
 AL> example,
 AL> I would OPEN a communications port, then CHAIN to another program, and
 AL> the port wouldn't stay open.

        That too, because QB/PDS drops the DTR after it done.
 AL> These problems are corrected when I compile using BRUN45, but I would
 AL> MUCH rather use BCOM45.

                Hmmm, maybe you had it patched before?
 AL> If these are in fact bugs in QB, does anyone know the patches for
 AL> these?

        They are not bugs, MS calls them features :)

        Don't know if this would help, but for PDS I have the patch, it
        goes something like (another words, if might/might not work for

January 10, 1991

The following is a method of fixing the trouble with Microsoft
Basic version 7. of dropping DTR when closing files.

It seems that Microsoft still has not fixed the bug in Version 7.

The OPEN COMn seems to work OK but the CLOSE will still drop DTR.

This can be fixed the same a previous versions.

Use any HEX file editor (I used PCTOOLS) to search for the
following HEX string:

B0 00 E3 01 40

It should be found in only one place in most EXE's compiled from
Basic 7.0

Using the editor, change the string to:

B0 01 E3 01 90

This change will have the same result as the change suggested by
Kenny Gardner for patching QuickBasic 4.5.

This change can be made to any EXE file compiled with Microsoft
Basic 7.0.

To prevent trouble with future compiled programs, you can use the
same method to patch the Basic LIB files.  Thereafter, all new
compiled files will contain the new patched code.

Warning: Microsoft must have some reason not to make this change
itself.  Try it at your own risk.  Remember to make backups before
messing with important files.  I have not seen any trouble with
this patch, but I haven't tested every possible combination.  I has
worked for me so far.

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Mike Strawbridge
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