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Date: 09-12-92 (12:59)             Number: 264
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Subj: Re: Who are my parents?        Conf: (2) Quik_Bas

FR> Good idea except the calling pgm may not be one I write
FR> (it may actually be
  > a commercial pgm especially modified to interface with our stuff), and,
  > more importantly (and I wish I could figure this one out!!): no matter how
  > much environment space I give myself and no matter how hard I try, I keep
  > getting the infamous 'Out of memory' error every time I
  > try to assign a new
  > string to the environment.

When you program loads, a COPY of the master environment is loaded
with your program. Only the active variables are copied; not the empty
space. In other words, the copy of the table accessable from BASIC is
full before you even start.

The way around this is to allocate a dummy variable before your
program loads. Use it to allocate as much space as you'll need to
manipulate from within your program:

        From DOS:  Set Dummy=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

When your program starts, do this:

        ENVIRON("Dummy") = ""

You can now add your own variables to the copy of the environment
loaded with your program.

        ENVIRON("MyVar") = "Hey, it works!"

Remember, changes you make from your app will only be in effect while
your app is running. If you SHELL, child processes will get a copy of
your copy, but as soon as you terminate the program, the original
environment is restored.

Hope this helps!

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