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Date: 09-07-92 (16:03)             Number: 388
From: MARK BUTLER                  Refer#: NONE
  To: CHINIAN WANG                  Recvd: NO  
Subj: BASIC calls C                  Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
 On 08-27-92 Chinian Wang wrote to All...

 CW> Suppose I have a C function declared as
 CW> long pascal finduser(char *user_name, char *user_file);
 CW> can I call the finduser function from BASIC?

 I think this would be declared like so...

        DECLARE SUB FindUser CDECL (UserName$, UserFile$)
             (specifies a C-Declaration)

 and the call in your program would be...

        CALL FindUser(UserName$, UserFile$)

 or just plain...

        FindUser UserName$, UserFile$

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