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Date: 08-26-92 (09:15)             Number: 224
From: MARK BUTLER                  Refer#: NONE
  To: ANSHU PANDEY                  Recvd: NO  
Subj: Compiled Size!                 Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
 On 08-23-92 Anshu Pandey wrote to All...

 AP>       I was astonished to find out that when I accidentally compiled
 AP> a 554 byte long file, it compiled into a 31 k file! Is there any way
 AP> to make the file size shorter w/out going to the runtime module?!
 If I understand what you mean by this you mean brun45.exe right? I
 don't like to resort to that either unless I need to. Hmmm, there are
 a few ways to chop that compiled size down a bit, let's run you
 through some options here...

 1.) If you want smaller size _never_ compile from within the QB
     environment, do it from the command line.

 2.) If your string variables are not repititive (repeating character
     strings across a few string variables) compile like so...

        C> BC MYPROG.BAS /S/O;   <---- produces 'myprog.obj'

 3.) Kick in these switches for linking, they help to hold things down
     a bit as well______
              / |   \   \
              v v   v    v
                         ^            ^^^^^   ^^^^^^^^
                         |                \     /
 Note: you need this switch to tell link NOT to link in the long
 versions of the routines that these two stubfiles are taking the
 place of.

 Let's take a look at a little example of what this command line
 method of compiling will do for you as compared to compiling from
 within the QB environment. We'll use a simple "Hello World!" program

 as our example with the code as follows..

    REM ** Hello.bas - a simple program that prints "Hello World!"
    REM ** to the screen and to a file as well.
    Hello$ = "Hello World!"
    OPEN "testfile.txt" FOR OUTPUT AS #1
    COLOR 14, 1
    PRINT Hello$
    PRINT #1, Hello$

 Now we'll take 'hello.bas' program and compile it 2 ways..

 Compiled from within the QB environment:
 HELLO    EXE     19234 08-26-92   1:30a

 Compiled using the above described method:
 HELLO2   EXE     17892 08-26-92   1:34a

 Well, we didn't perform any miracles here but we did manange to pare
 off 1.3k from the compiled size. Now if we used LZEXE or PKLITE on it
 we'd probably bring the total size down to around 8 or 9k in all.

 I don't know if this really helped you out much, QB is fairly
 notorious for being a bit on the fat side as far is it's compiled
 exes goes. The problem is with BCOM45.LIB's granularity... it doesn't
 have any! If you want better than regular QB can give you you'll have
 to go to PDS for that I'm afraid. Or could replace BCOM45.LIB with
 Tom Hanlin's "QBTINY.LIB". That creates *really* small exes but the
 downside is that it doesn't support many of QB's regular features.

 -----------> MHB :-)

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