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 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 08-15-92 (00:32)             Number: 154
From: MATT PRITCHARD @ 930/21      Refer#: NONE
  To: CURTIS STRATMAN               Recvd: NO  
Subj: Text in graphics mode 1/2      Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
MP> I have one and text printing routines for it for mode 13h
MP> (320 X 200 X 256)

CS>Could you post your routine.

Here you go.  This assembly routine takes and 8 byte by 8
bit image and draws it in mode 13h (quick basic mode 13 (no
hex)).  It assumes the characters are stored in an array of
8 byte elements.  (128 characters per array) followed by a
couple scratch bytes...

------------------------------------------------------------- ;Assumes
Character set of 128 x 8 Bytes ;  Character Set has a 16
byte Scratch Buffer at end.... ; ;GPRINTC (CharSet,
CharNum, Xpos, Ypos, ColorF, ColorB) ; ; in "C" ;void
GPRINTC(far char* SetData, int CharNum, int Xpos, ;
     int Ypos, int Color_Fg, int Color_Bg) ; ; in "BASIC" ;
;TYPE CharSET ;    BitMaps AS STRING * 1024 ;    Scratch AS
Xpos%, _ ;                    BYVAL Ypos%, BYVAL ColorF%,
BYVAL ColorB%) ; ; ;Draws Text Character (8x8) in Graphics
Mode 13 at Pixel (Xpos,Ypos) ;In Color: COLORF with
background of COLORB ;

        .MODEL  Medium

SCRATCH_OFS     EQU     1024+2  ;Character Set Working Area
Offset VGA_SEGMENT     EQU     0A000H  ;Vga Memory Segment
SCREEN_WIDTH    EQU     320     ;Width of screen in

                        DW      ?       ;DI
                        DW      ?       ;SI
                        DW      ?       ;DS
                        DW      ?       ;BP
                        DD      ?       ;Caller
        GPC_COLORB      DB      ?,?     ;Background Color
        GPC_COLORF      DB      ?,?     ;Forground Color
        GPC_YPOS        DW      ?       ;Y position
        GPC_XPOS        DW      ?       ;X position
        GPC_CHAR_NUM    DB      ?,?     ;Character #
        GPC_SET_OFS     DW      ?       ;Offset of Set Data
        GPC_SET_SEG     DW      ?       ;Segment of Set



        PUSH    BP
        PUSH    DS                      ;Save Data Seg
        PUSH    SI                      ;BC7 - Save Si,DI, Dir Flag
        PUSH    DI

        MOV     BP,SP                   ;Set to address of bp

        ;Compute Screen Addr to Write to in ES:DI

        MOV     AX,[BP].GPC_YPOS        ;Get Value of Ypos (mult * 320)
        MOV     DH,AL                   ;Save 256*Y
        MOV     CL,6                    ;mult * 2^6 (Y * 64)
        SHL     AX,CL                   ;Shift Left
        ADD     AH,DH                   ;Add in 256 * Ypos

        ADD     AX,[BP].GPC_XPOS        ;Add X position to addr

        MOV     DI,AX                   ;Save in DI

        ;Get Source ADDR of Character Bit Map in DS:SI
        ;But first, save colors in lookup table

        MOV     BX,[BP].GPC_SET_OFS     ;Get OFFSET of Character Set
        MOV     SI,BX                   ;Save in SI for now..

        ;Get colors

        MOV     AX,[BP].GPC_SET_SEG     ;Segment of Charset
        MOV     ES,AX                   ;Use ES to point to it...

        MOV     AL,[BP].GPC_COLORB      ;Get Backgorund color
        MOV     ES:[SI+SCRATCH_OFS],AL  ;Save in Table at Pos (0)

        MOV     AL,[BP].GPC_COLORF      ;Forground Color (1)
        MOV     ES:[SI+SCRATCH_OFS+1],AL   ;Save in Table

        ;Get addr of character map

        MOV     AL,[BP].GPC_CHAR_NUM    ;Get Character #
        AND     AX,007FH                ;Valid #'s are 0..127
        SHL     AX,1                    ;* 2
        SHL     AX,1                    ;* 4
        SHL     AX,1                    ;* 8

        MOV     BX,SI                   ;BX = Start of Char Set
        ADD     BX,SCRATCH_OFS          ;BX points to lookup table

        ADD     SI,AX                   ;Add Start of Character Set

        ;Get segment of character map

        MOV     DS,[BP].GPC_SET_SEG     ;Get Segment of Character Set
                                        ;Cant use DS (DGROUP) anymore

        MOV     AX,VGA_SEGMENT          ;VGA Graphics Segment
        MOV     ES,AX

        CLD                             ;Forwards....

        MOV     CX,8                    ;8 Bytes to Decode


        LODSB                           ;Get Byte to decode in DS:SI
        MOV     DL,AL                   ;Save in DL

        XOR     DH,DH                   ;Clear DH
        SHL     DX,1                    ;Get Bit #1
        MOV     AL,DH                   ;Put in AL
        XLAT    AL                      ;Translate into DAC value

        STOSB                           ;Write to Video Buffer

        XOR     DH,DH                   ;Clear DH
        SHL     DX,1                    ;Get Bit #2
        MOV     AL,DH                   ;put in AL
        XLAT    AL                      ;Translate into DAC value

        STOSB                           ;Write to Video Buffer
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