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Date: 08-13-92 (13:40)             Number: 188
From: MARK BUTLER                  Refer#: 47
  To: ANSHU PANDEY                  Recvd: NO  
Subj: NOCOM.OBJ                      Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
 On 08-09-92 Anshu Pandey wrote to All...

 AP> Can anyone tell me much about SMALLERR.OBJ, NOEM.OBJ and
 AP> NOCOM.OBJ itself?

 When linked with your program code smallerr.obj will limit the size
 and number of returned error message strings that are to be embedded
 in your compiled program. It gets rid of explicit error messages like
 "Return without GOSUB" etc and replaces most all of them with a
 simple all-inclusive message that goes something like "Error [#] in
 line [#] of module [progname]" to handle all of them and let's you
 figure out what went wrong yourself. This is great for compiling code
 that has been *thoroughly* debugged. After all, if you don't get a
 "Return without GOSUB" on your compiled program's first test flight
 you are NEVER going to get that error message correct? So why have
 this error message embedded as useless bytes in your finished EXE? I
 always use smallerr.obj in any finished program I'm reasonably
 confident about, it does make a nice size difference in your favor.

 Noem.obj is an acronym for "NO coprocessor EMulation" and switches
 off QB's numeric coprocessor emulation feature. You can link this obj
 in for programs that will *only* be run on machines with a numeric
 coprocessor installed and this will cut the size of your compiled EXE
 down even more. If you are *not* certain where your program will be
 used however, this isn't such a great idea because your program will
 crash on machines that have no coprocessor.

 When you compile a program that has an OPEN statement in it QB brings
 in support from bcom45.lib for opening 1) files 2) comports 3) line
 printers. If your code is only going to open a file then why have
 comport support code laying around snoozing in your compiled EXE?
 It'll never be used. Nocom.obj is an acronym for "NO COMmuncications
 support". So link this one in with code that handles only files but
 doesn't mess with any serial ports at all. This will bring down the
 size of your finished EXE even further.

 Hope this helps you out some.

 -----------> MHB :-)

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