^Alt-Del easier way...

Area:    Quik_Bas
  Msg:    #535
 Date:    06-16-92 13:22 (Public) 
 From:    Steve Gartrell           
 To:      All                      
 Subject: ^Alt-Del easier way...   
  Those of you who think logically probably have already 
seen this, but I let my desire to screw around with the 
hardware get the best of me in that CTRL-ALT-DEL assembly 
listing I posted.  If you don't like tinkering with the 
hardware as much as I do, just delete the section of code 
with all of the INs and OUTs to the PPI, and replace it 
   mov al, es:[bx]
   and al, 0F3h
   mov es:[bx], al
This will effectively "turn off" the control and delete keys, which will in 
turn eliminate the ability to warm boot.
   Computers make wonderful toys...Oh, yeah- then, instead of the
IRET, jmp to cs:Old09Int...
   Sheesh...I better type it up and post it...|-}
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