Quik_Bas Rules again...

 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 07-30-92 (00:15)             Number: 127
From: FABIAN GORDON                Refer#: NONE
  To: ALL                           Recvd: NO  
Subj: Quik_Bas Rules again...        Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
To All participants (active or otherwise) of QUIK_BAS:

This is the Group Mail Conference known as QUIK_BAS.  The
purpose of this conference is to discuss MicroSoft
QuickBASIC and related applications and utilities.  SysOps
looking for a Group Mail or EchoMail link into QUIK_BAS
should contact the Alliance node known as
7:520/323@AlterNet, the FidoNet node known as
1:107/323@FidoNet, the PhoenixNet Node known as
9:110/323@PhnxNet, or simply 1-201-247-8252 (BBS/Data) for
information on local feeds.

This conference is the property of the coordinator/moderator and maintains a
primary residence as a non-real time conference in the
domain of the @AMTnet and is ported with permission to what
is commonly known as the FidoNet backbone and to the
Alliance backbone for the purpose of sharing the "wealth"
with others.  This conference may at any time be "pulled"
off these backbones at the Moderator's will.  In such a
situation, a maximum of 30 days notice will be given and
alternate linkages will be offered by the moderator.

Additional porting of this conference into other known networks (Good Egg
Net, LCR Net, RBBS-Net, OPCN Net, FreeNet, Ghoti Net, etc.)
is permitted at this time PROVIDED that the members of
these other networks abide by the rules of this conference,
as listed below.  Also, the porting of this conference into other
technologies such as Echo Mail, G-Net Mail, UseNet Mail, is
also permitted at this time provided that the ported
technologies do not impair the continuing use of this
conference's original form.  For instructions on proper
gating of this conference from one technology to another
and/or from the Realm of the domain @AMTNet into another
network, the coordinator of this conference requires that
any participants in this process known as gating (be it to
other technologies or to other realms) advise the
coordinator as to the activities and the procedure
involved.  The sole purpose for this request is to maintain
smooth and consistent links to all the participants of the

Conference rules on behavior and participation:

1. Stay on topic.   The topic of this conference is QuickBASIC, its use, and
   enhancements and/or options available for QuickBASIC.  Code sharing is
   strongly encouraged.

2. Avoid at all costs the "Software X is better than Software Y" syndrome.

3. Conversations on "other" languages do not belong in this conference.

4. Conversation IN other languages are not encouraged if they are not
   accompanied with at least a rough English translation.  PLEASE!

5. No flames allowed.  If you feel the urge to flame someone, take it to
   another conference, or better yet, take it away from your computer and
   make a voice call.  This will save us all the grief and costs.

6. Do not use this conference to advertise your BBS.

7. The Coordinator/Moderator is the sole mediator, and reserves the right
   to change the rules of the conference at any time.

8. Conference rules will be posted at intervals left to the discretion of
   the Coordinator/Moderator.

9. Commercial advertisements for software and/or hardware are prohibited.

Should you have a problem with any of the above, I strongly
suggest that you terminate your link to the conference.  I
personally don't feel that I am asking too much in order to
preserve what has traditionally been a well behaved

Remember - we are all here to communicate - anything that restrains that is
not in the best interest of the conference.

Fabian R. Gordon - QUIK_BAS Conference Coordinator/Moderator

--- AMB v6.4x
 * Origin: (1:107/2@FidoNet)
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