Fido msg formats.

 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 11-01-93 (23:30)             Number: 120
From: CORIDON HENSHAW              Refer#: 119
  To: PETE GRANER                   Recvd: NO  
Subj: Fido msg formats.              Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
Hello Pete!

On Friday October 29 1993, Pete Graner wrote to All in QUIK_BAS:

HMB format:
===CUT: QBBS.BI===

TYPE MsghdrType
        MsgNum          AS INTEGER
        Replyto         AS INTEGER
        SeeAlsoNum      AS INTEGER
        TRead           AS INTEGER
        Startrec        AS INTEGER
        Numrecs         AS INTEGER
        DestNet         AS INTEGER
        DestNode        AS INTEGER
        OrigNet         AS INTEGER
        OrigNode        AS INTEGER
        DestZone        AS STRING * 1
        OrigZone        AS STRING * 1
        Cost            AS INTEGER
        MsgAttr         AS STRING * 1
        NetAttr         AS STRING * 1
        Board           AS STRING * 1
        PostTimelen     AS STRING * 1
        PostTime        AS STRING * 5
        Postdatelen     AS STRING * 1
        PostDate        AS STRING * 8
        WhoTolen        AS STRING * 1
        WhoTo           AS STRING * 35
        WhoFromlen      AS STRING * 1
        WhoFrom         AS STRING * 35
        Subjlen         AS STRING * 1
        Subj            AS STRING * 72

TYPE MsgInfoType
        LowMsg          AS INTEGER
        HighMsg         AS INTEGER
        TotalMsgs       AS INTEGER
        TotalOnBoard(1 TO 200) AS INTEGER

TYPE MsgIdxType
        AddrOffset      AS INTEGER
        Board           AS STRING * 1

TYPE MsgToIdxType
        ToNameLen       AS STRING * 1
        ToName          AS STRING * 35

TYPE LastReadType
        Msgbase(1 TO 255) AS INTEGER


--- Msg V4.5
 * Origin: Sam with the showing-scalp flat-top  (1:124/4115.236)
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