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Date: 10-28-93 (16:15)             Number: 116
From: DARK AVENGER #378 @191600    Refer#: NONE
  To: CESAR #209 @1614017*1         Recvd: YES 
Subj: Help with poke                 Conf: (125) The Progra

Re: Special keys > I'm looking for POOK/PEEK statements that can turn ON & OFF special keys, > like SCROLL LOCK, and NUM LOCK. I have the statement for CAPS LOCK, if > anyone is interested. > Thanks for your help. I found one, if your interested that will disable ctrl-break in Qbasic. It's Def Seg=0:poke &h6c,&h40:poke &h6d,&h1:poke &h6e,&h70:poke &h6f,&h0 Dark Avenger $$45 ķķ ķ ķ ķ VBBS 6.0, CD-ROM з з ķ з Ľ Online Games, and More ĽĽ Ľ Ľ Ľ (916)422-6059 Sac. CA 0 0Via: 1916001*1 1916000*1 1916004*1 1616001*1 6160*1 1509509*1
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