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Date: 09-26-93 (01:01)             Number: 342
From: STEVE DEMO                   Refer#: NONE
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Subj: Qbfonts 1 Of 3                 Conf: (2) Quik_Bas

Before I get Started Here's my ----> (sp)

In the next two Messages (hopefullly) You will find a Postit coded Binary file
for the following file: FONT.ZIP in it you will find the files:


QBFONTS.BAS is a Font editor of sorts and Fonted.Bas is a Series of Sub
programs to Call the Font you Create. Each file has a built in Demo. Each
file will Also create it's CFG file upon start up. It was written in VBDOS
so the QB'ers will need to edit out the DIR$ command and change VARSEG to
SSEG. But allow the program to make the CFG file first time around. You will
also need to comment out the ON LOCAL ERROR in a few subs.

Load as Follows:   QB /L QB  or  VBDOS /L VBDOS  ect....

As far as I can tell it's Bug free for the most part. :)

I needed a few addon's for a paint program I am makeing and decided why not
make a font editor to. I will be makeing the Code available for the Paint
program in a short time (it's buggy still).

Steve Demo

P.S  Don't tell me about the Binary Post I got permesion first.

... HELP ! I've fallen and can't remember where
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