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Re: Hello? > I just want someone to at least say an "Yeah I want to know how to do that > too" most of the books I have on the Quick Sort are in C or Pascal. I'm > trying to do a Repeat Until or DO While type of loop in BASIC and use > pointers and data structures. Is it possible to do something like that > without pointers? Visual basic uses pointers they are however user transparent for the most part if you don't include the byVal in the sub or function hedding then what is sent to the sub or funktion is a pointer to the variable. If you want to sort a list of strings you can do it by simply setting sort to true in the list box befor loading the strings into it. If you want a gereral sort rutine. here is a sudo basic version. Sub Sort (Array of "WhatEver") 'What ever you want to sort Size as Integer ' I'm doing of the top of my head so debug the S as ' I line should realy be in the peramiter list. Out_Order = TRUE ' True is a constant = -1 Do while Out_Order Out_Order = FALSE 'Constant = 0 For count = 1 to Size If OutOfPlace(Array(Count), Array(Count+1)) then Out_order = TRUE ' Tag to stay in the do loop Holder = Array(Count) Array(Count) = Array(Count + 1) Array(Count + 1) = Holder End If Next count Loop I have to cut this short I am running out of time. Republic $$ T .it Austin, Texas 24 hours/day VNET: @1512007 FIDO: @1:382/402 h .ucket (512)280-6785 14.4/Fax AT&T WWIVNet: @5290 e S.ystem Bit Twiddler 1+GB of files AustinNet: @4 VBBS 6.10a 0 0Via: 1512007*1 1512001*1 1616001*1 6160*1 1509509*1
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