bsave, bload

Date: 07-19-93 (03:58)             Number: 95
From: TIM PETERSON #145 @5930      Refer#: 95
  To: PUBLIC POST                   Recvd: NO  
Subj: bsave, bload                   Conf: (19) QUICKBASIC

Just do your DEF SEG again DEF SEG &hb800 bload "idiot.bsv" DEF SEG Prbly won't work like you want for a couple of reasons. One is that BSAVE and BLOAD are limited to 64k, and your image is bigger than that. The other is that you would only be saving one "plane" of the image. Vga modes use several "planes" of memory. To access the other planes, you have to send a byte to the vga card, I think. This is why your palette is screwy. I worked around the problem(although not with a full screen) by GETting an image to an array, then BSAVEing that. Like this: DIM pic%(howeverbig) GET (x1,y1)-(x2,y2),pic% DEF SEG varseg(pic%) BSAVE "picture",varptr(pic%(0)),howeverbig DEF SEG to load it again, just reverse the process; DIM pic%(howeverbig) ' MUST!!! be big enough DEF SEG varseg(pic%(0)) BLOAD "picture",varptr(pic%(0)) DEF SEG Better check my syntax. I'll pull some lines from working code if you want. To find out how to access all the planes, try a book called Supercharged Graphics in Basic. I saw a routine there. $$ Tim Peterson
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