Device timeout on COM por

 BBS: The MOONFLOWER (OS/2 Support)
Date: 06-15-93 (20:21)             Number: 48
From: DR. KILLPATIENT #1 @12056    Refer#: NONE
  To: CYBERCROOK #224 @1703007*     Recvd: YES 
Subj: Device timeout on COM por      Conf: (218) QuickBASIC

Re: hmm. > open "COM2:2400,n,8,1" for random as #1 LEN=256 > input a$ > print #1 a$ > I keep getting a device timeout. I think I'm not doing something right. Use this to open the com port: OPEN "COM2: 2400,BIN,CS9999" FOR RANDOM AS #5 The "CS9999" sets the timeout to 9999 miliseconds, which pretty much disables the timeout. I tested this at 300 baud and had no problems. Note that there is no LEN option. Just PRINT #5,TEXT$ to output to the modem. Also note that QB will hang up on the line once the program finishes. Test the program in local mode (only transmitting to CON:, for whatever shows up on your end using ANSI will show up on the remote end. Don't use any stand-alone PRINTs). -Dr. Killpatient $$ $$
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