VGA modes

Date: 05-21-93 (20:16)             Number: 20
From: ZMAN #1 @1512003*1           Refer#: NONE
  To: RONNIE THE DODGER #453 @1     Recvd: YES 
Subj: VGA modes                      Conf: (218) QuickBASIC

Re: VGA modes ³OK, how is this done and what memory are you using and how much....questions,³ ³questions, questions???? ³ ³Ronnie T. Dodger ³ Try using screen mode 11, 12, or 13 to get your 256 colors in Quick Basic... To get all the colors you will need to make a function that will create 3 long integers to seperate the actual colors Red,Blue, & Green... FUNCTION Shade& (red!, green!, blue!) STATIC r& = red! * 63! g& = green! * 63! b& = blue! * 63! Shade& = r& + g& * 256& + b& * 65536 END FUNCTION The above code returns the long integer color number given red, green, and blue intensity numbers in the range 0 through 1. This should give the palette command the full 262,144 colors allowed in the VGA/MCGA screen modes..... $$ Zman T ÖÄÒÄ¿ ÖÄÒÄ¿ ÖÄÄ¿ ºThe Texas Trade CenterºOnline games º VBBS h º exas º rade º enterº (512) 346-3037 ºNo download ratioº6.00.’2 e Ð Ð ÓÄÄÙ º 1200/2400/9600/14.4 ºMessage bases º
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