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Date: 04-14-93 (18:09)             Number: 367
From: JOHN GALLAS                  Refer#: NONE
  To: MARK REJHON                   Recvd: NO  
Subj: AVATAR                         Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
 >> I got the ANSIAVT.ARJ file, and I put Avatar/0+ support into
 >> Rich's QB ansi emulator - it was simple!  Thanks *_alot_* for the
 >> files!

 > You added the whole AVATAR/0+ standard, including insert mode and
 > scroll-window, to that QB ansi emulator, not just the AVATAR/0
 > subset?
 > It would have required the use of BIOS interrupts and/or a library..

<g> I was waiting for that reply from someone..  Yep, it has complete
<g> Avatar/0+.  Insert mode wasn't too hard - I just made a
<g> shared flag called Insert, and when it came time to POKE
<g> the character to the screen, if Insert is on, it did this:

    'any other character gets printed to the screen

        'prints a character to the screen
        IF Insert THEN
            Y = (MaxX - Xpos - 1) * 2
            Y = Y + CursorAddress
            FOR X = MaxX - 1 TO Xpos STEP -1
                POKE Y, PEEK(Y - 2)
                POKE Y + 1, PEEK(Y - 1)
                Y = Y - 2
            NEXT X
        END IF

And then the routine that POKEs the character to the screen
follows.  That routine is fairly slow in the environment,
but when you compile it to a library and link it with an
exe, its instantaneous.  Plus, running on ANYTHING faster
than my computer would be faster..  As for the scrolling
stuff, I just used the bios interrupt &H10, subfunctions
&H7 and &H6.  I just fed what was recieved from the modem
directly into cx and dx, and it worked fine.  Neat, eh?

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