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Date: 07-23-92 (04:03)             Number: 86
From: MING ONG                     Refer#: NONE
  To: CRAIG RANDLE                  Recvd: NO  
Subj: Re: Animation                  Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
 -=> Quoting Craig Randle to All <=-

 CR> Does anyone have any idea on how to animate (or move) and
 CR> object without drawing it, dawing over it in bkgrnd color, and then
 CR> drawing it in the next position?  This is very time consuming, and
 CR> difficult..  When you have large pictures and complicated backgrounds,
 CR> this is impossible... Any help is appreciated.
 CR> Craig

Mr. Henshaw's message here may help you get started.  This code will

  From: Coridon Henshaw                              Read: Yes    Replied: No
    To: Giovanni Palmiotto                           Mark:

  Subj: Virtual Reality Quick Basic Help
After awaking from a long sleep, Giovanni Palmiotto, when seeing the ugly form
of Coridon Henshaw, rose and stated:

 GP>        Hi there Coridon, thank you for helping me. About the smooth
 GP> scrolling, can you please, write me a small source code, just so that
 GP> I get an idea of how it works. Thank You, other sources are
Ok, here:

-===- Cut Here -===-

'This example uses the PUT statement to create a moving white ball that
'ricochets off the sides of the screen until you press a key.

DIM Ball(804)     'Dimension integer array large enough
                 'to hold ball.

CIRCLE (16, 16), 14, 14      'Draw and paint ball.
PAINT (17, 17), 14
GET (0, 0)-(32, 32), Ball
X = 0: Y = 0
Xdelta = 2: Ydelta = 1

   'Continue moving in same direction as long as ball is within
   'the boundaries of the screen - (0,0) to (640,200).
   X = X + Xdelta: Y = Y + Ydelta
   IF INKEY$ <> "" THEN END  ' Test for key press.
   'Change X direction if ball hits left or right edge.
   IF (X < 1 OR X > 600) THEN
      Xdelta = -Xdelta
   'Change Y direction if ball hits top or bottom edge.
   IF (Y < 1 OR Y > 400) THEN
      Ydelta = -Ydelta
   'Put new image on screen, simultaneously erasing old image.

   PUT (X, Y), Ball, PSET
   WAIT &H3DA, 0 'Kill this line if this program hangs on you.
   WAIT &H3DA, 8 '<<<<<<<<<< This makes it smooth
-===- Cut Here -===-

Code credits belong to Corridon Henshaw.

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