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Date: 04-06-93 (15:11)             Number: 314
From: ARTHUR SHIPKOWSKI            Refer#: NONE
  To: JIM LITTLE                    Recvd: NO  
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Hello Jim!


Sunday April 04 1993 15:42, Jim Little wrote to Wayne Venables:

 JL> ... hmm.  Can't use ASIC, that's taken.  So is C, M, D...  WAIT!  I know!
 JL> Let's call it 'B'!   Ha!  Take that, C programmers!  We're higher in the
 JL> alphabet!  Pthhhbbb! Nya-nya-nya!!

B was C's predecessor. BCPL was B's predecessor. Algol-60
was BCPL's predecessor.

 JL> (P.S.  Anyone know what 'C' stands for?!!  I've been trying to figure it
 JL> out for years!)

It's the second letter in BCPL, which meant (get this)
Basic Computer Programming Language.


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