# of open files

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Date: 03-22-93 (10:52)             Number: 371
From: JOE NEGRON                   Refer#: NONE
  To: CLAUDE SHERMAN                Recvd: NO  
Subj: # of open files                Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
CS> In my Qbasic manual it shows the limit for open files is
  > 256, but when I try to open more than 15 files at the same
  > time, I receive error 75 "file/path not valid". I have
  > "files = 99" in my config.sys and "buffers = 17". Any idea
  > why I get the error??? Any help would be appreciated.

This will fix it:

============================== Begin code ==============================

DECLARE FUNCTION SetMaxFiles% (NumFiles%)

'* FUNCTION SetMaxFiles%
'*    Uses DOS ISR 21H, Function 67H (Set Maximum Handle Count) to set
'*    the maximum number of handles.
'*    QBX.LIB
'*    -------
'*    SUB Interrupt (IntNum%, IRegs AS RegType, ORegs AS RegType)
FUNCTION SetMaxFiles% (NumFiles%) STATIC
   IRegs.ax = &H6700
   IRegs.bx = NumFiles%

   SetMaxFiles% = 0

   Interrupt &H21, IRegs, ORegs

   IF (ORegs.Flags AND 1) = 1 THEN
      SetMaxFiles% = ORegs.ax                'Error number
=============================== End code ===============================

Unfortunately, I cannot get this to work with 4DOS, though it is a
documented DOS interrupt.

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