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Date: 03-18-93 (10:57)             Number: 181
From: CORNEL HUTH                  Refer#: NONE
  To: STEVE READ                    Recvd: NO  
Subj: Re: C TRANSLATIONS             Conf: (3) Dr_Debug

BF> Basic's "PEEK" and "POKE" are functionally equivilent SR> to C pointers for SR> I doubt even you would try to build a linked list using PEEK and POKE. VARSEG(), SSEG(), SADDR(), VARPTR(), and SEG are all pointer-use functions in QuickBASIC. PEEK/POKE are not the same as pointers (that really should be obvious). Constructing linked-lists in BASIC is simple (because it is simple); that too would be obvious if one simply understood the language. Pointers are not necessary, though they could be used if one knew no other way. SR> While it's possible to about anything with most languages, you don't SR> gain anything using a screwdriver to pound nails. Jeez, where was C when I was rebuilding the fence last week? I sure could have used a screwdriver, er, hammer, er, just what exactly is your point? chh --- Freedom 7 * Origin: [Fortieth Floor/2400@1(210)684-8065,1700-0900cst] (1:387/800.8)
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