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 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 07-19-92 (19:49)             Number: 29
From: JEAN CREPEAU                 Refer#: NONE
  To: ERIC FORD                     Recvd: NO  
Subj: Another Question               Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
In a message to ALL, ERIC FORD wrote:
EF=> Hey, is there anyway I could get a file listing of certain files (like
    any file with one of three extensions) without having to use

EF=>      files "*.dat" : files "*.res" : files "*.con"

EF=> Maybe a string for each filename so I could remove the extension?

EF=> Sorry I'm a GWBasic programer who has never spent the time to convert.

        Well, if you program in GW-Basic, I can't really help you. You have
to load a machine-language program  into memory and it's very  complicated.
If you use QuickBASIC. Just use the following functions.

deflng a-z

type filedesc
reserved as string*21
attr as string*1
filetime as integer
filedate as integer
filesize as long
filename as string*13
end type

dim dta as filedesc,inreg as regtype,outreg as regtype

declare function findfirst%(x$,dta)
declare function findnext%()

function findfirst%(x$,dta as filedesc)
dim inreg as regtype,outreg as regtype,temp as string*128
interrupt &h21,inreg,outreg
interrupt &h21,inreg,outreg
findfirst=outreg.flags and 1
end function

function findnext%
dim inreg as regtype,outreg as regtype
interrupt &h21,inreg,outreg
findnext=outreg.flags and 1
end function

        To find a file, you must:
1. X=FindFirst(filnam$,dta), where  filnam$ is the  name of your  file (you
    can specify an entire pathname like D:\TESTDIR\*.DAT with * and ?)
2. If X>0, FILE NOT FOUND; the file doesn't exist; end.
3. The filename (without  * and ?) is  in DTA.filename terminated by  a NUL
    (&h00) character. Store or display that filename.
4. X=FindNext
5. If X>0, there is no more file of that name; end.
6. Go back to step #3

        You can also skip step #5 and go back to step #2 instead, if you do
not  need  a  separate  message  or  status  for a file not found. Then the
message at step #2 should be `NO MORE FILES'.
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