SCROLL.BAS v2.0 3/3

 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 03-03-93 (20:11)             Number: 253
From: CHRIS TRACY                  Refer#: NONE
  To: ALL                           Recvd: NO  
Subj: SCROLL.BAS v2.0 3/3            Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
'>>> Start of page 3.

                                        PRINT Prine$;
                                        ' If not, print the rest of the
' string.
                                END IF
                        Test$ = MID$(Arry$(ElementToStart% + Show), 1,_
 Rgc% - LfC%)
                        ' This is needed to print the ending characters.
                        ' Ie, if your using a background color, you
' want the
                        ' other characters to show up that are blank
' (spaces)...
                        d% = INSTR(Test$, "&&")
                        WHILE d%
                                MID$(Test$, d%) = "      "
                                Test$ = MID$(Test$, 1, d% - 1) +_
 MID$(Test$, d% + 6)
                                d% = INSTR(d% + 1, Test$, "&&")
                        ' The above four lines strip out all the color
' codes from
                        ' the string Test$
                        PRINT STRING$((Rgc% - LfC%) - LEN(Test$), " ")
                        ' Now print the ending characters.
                        PRINT MID$(Arry$(ElementToStart% + Show), 1,_
 Rgc% - LfC%) + STRING$((Rgc% - LfC%) - LEN(MID$(Arry$(ElementToStart%_
 + Show), 1, Rgc% - LfC%)), " ")
                END IF
        NEXT Show  ' Next line...
        RETURN     ' Go back to the main code...
        END SUB    ' We're outta here!

________O_/________________________| SNIP |______________________\_O_______
        O \                        | HERE |                      / O

Well... there it is... Hope SOMEONE can use it!!! Its
really useful for displaying ASCII charts... BTW - I tried
my best to make it not wrap that much, but i think a few
lines might have gotten by.... Click!


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