Quickshare information

 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 07-19-92 (11:27)             Number: 61
From: JIM BREWER                   Refer#: NONE
  To: JIM COYLE                     Recvd: NO  
Subj: Quickshare information         Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
*Continued from previous message

        POINT #10: BBS Name:       Majestic Royalty BBS
                   Location:       Phoenix, AZ
                   Telephone:      602-278-1651
                   Baud Rate:      2400 Max
                   Zone:Net/Node:  1:114/68
                   Hours:          24 hours (anytime)
                   Sysop(s):       John Mendivil
                   Date Began:     Early May, 1991

        POINT #11: BBS Name:       Letters Systems
                   Location:       Seattle, WA
                   Telephone:      206-524-4811
                   Baud Rate:      Node 1=9600, Node 2=14400
                   Zone:Net/Node:  1:343/81
                   Hours:          24 hours (anytime)
                   Sysop(s):       Charles Arden Brill
                   Date Began:     Mid September, 1991

        POINT #12: BBS Name:       MIS BBS I & II
                   Location:       Rancho Cucamonga, CA
                   Telephone:      714-783-7727/714-466-4438
                   Baud Rate:      2 38400 HST, 1 9600 Compucom
                   Zone:Net/Node:  <unknown>
                   Hours:          24 hours (anytime)
                   Sysop(s):       Troy Getty
                   Date Began:     Mid September, 1991

        POINT #13: BBS Name:       Micom CBCS
                   Location:       Upper Ferntree Gully, Victoria
        AUS HQ     Telephone:      (03) 752-3949: [internatl' +
        AUS HQ     Baud Rate:      9600 bps v32
        AUS HQ     Zone:Net/Node:  3:633/371
        AUS HQ     Hours:          24 hours (anytime)
        AUS HQ     Sysop(s):       Peter Jetson
                   Date Began:     Mid September, 1991

        Members who are *no longer* QuickSHARE Points:

        POINT #9:  BBS Name:       Apple Capital BBS
                   Location:       Wenatchee, WA
                   Telephone:      509-663-3618
                   Baud rate:      Up to 14.4 HST (fast!)
                   Zone:Net/Node:  1:344/61
                   Hours:          24 hours (anytime)
                   Sysop(s):       Bob Finley
                   Date Began:     Early March, 1991

        Hope this is what you needed.

                                                Jim Brewer

--- DB B1073/002487
 * Origin: Gulf Coast BBS -QuickSHARE #2- (904)563-2547 HST/V.32bis (1:365/12)
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