Quickshare information!

 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 07-19-92 (11:22)             Number: 60
From: JIM BREWER                   Refer#: NONE
  To: JIM COYLE                     Recvd: NO  
Subj: Quickshare information!        Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
->      Can someone tell me where I can get a list on QuickShare sites
-> with the  following information...
->      Name, Location, Phone #, and Baud Rates.. Thanks

        Here is the list from the latest QuickSHARE
catalog. I can only vouch for the validity of point #2.

         ------[ Points are listed below ]-----

        QSHQ:      BBS Name:       The Shipyard
                   Location:       Garland, TX (Dallas suburb)
         HQ        Telephone:      (214)-234-5260
         HQ        Baud rate:      2400 bps max
         HQ        Zone:Net/Node:  1:124/3102
         HQ        Hours:          24 hours (less mail/processing time)
         HQ        Sysop(s):       Jim Woolly, Mike Welch, Coeta Mills
                   Date began:     May 20, 1990

        POINT #1:  BBS Name:       Wizards of Orchid BBS
         F  P      Location:       Ferndale, MI
         i  o      Telephone:      (313)-547-2985
         r  i      Baud rate:      2400 bps max
         s  n      Zone:Net/Node:  1:120/161
         t  t      Hours:          24 hours (anytime)
                   Sysop(s):       Jeff and Lynda Howard - "Howbie"
                   Date began:     End of September, 1990

        POINT #2:  BBS Name:       Gulf Coast BBS
                   Location:       Crystal River, FL
                   Telephone:      (904)-563-2547
                   Baud rate:      1200 to 14400 HST/v.32bis
                   Zone:Net/Node:  1:365/12
                   Hours:          24 hours (anytime)
                   Sysop(s):       Jim Brewer
                   Date began:     Early October, 1990

        POINT #3:  BBS Name:       Oregon Trail Crossroads BBS
                   Location:       Casper, WY
                   Telephone:      (307)-472-3615
                   Baud rate:      Hayes ULTRA v96,v32 9600 max
                   Zone:Net/Node:  1:303/5
                   Hours:          24 hours (anytime)
                   Sysop(s):       Thomas ("Tommy") Lange
                   Date began:     Early November, 1990

        POINT #4:  BBS Name:       The Nest Egg BBS (Gap BBS)
                   Location:       Lenexa, KS (Kansas City suburb)
                   Telephone:      (913)-492-2739
                   Baud rate:      USR HST 14,400 max (like FAST)
                   Zone:Net/Node:  Not on FidoNet
                   Hours:          24 hours (anytime)
                   Sysop(s):       Tom Frye
                   Date began:     Early November, 1990

        POINT #5:  BBS Name:       Durham Systems (ONLINE) (QS Canada)
                   Location:       Whitby Ontario, Canada
         CDN HQ    Telephone:      (416)-430-3812
         CDN HQ    Baud rate:      2400 Max
         CDN HQ    Zone:Net/Node:  Fido: 1:229/110
         CDN HQ    Hours:          24 hours (anytime)
         CDN HQ    Sysop(s):       Paul Chantler
                   Date began:     Mid November, 1990

        POINT #6:  BBS Name:       The COM Port
                   Location:       Montgomery, AL
                   Telephone:      (205)-260-9904
                   Baud rate:      2400 Max
                   Zone:Net/Node:  1:375/19
                   Hours:          24 hours (anytime)
                   Sysop(s):       Craig McCracken
                   Date Began:     Late November, 1990

        POINT #7:  BBS Name:       dix MOJO BBS
                   Location:       New Hampton, NY
                   Telephone:      (914)-374-3903
                   Baud rate:      Up to 19,200 super FAST!
                   Zone:Net/Node:  1:272/34
                   Hours:          24 hours (anytime)
                   Sysop(s):       Dick Dennison
                   Date Began:     Mid January, 1991

        POINT #8:  BBS Name:       Fantasia BBS
                   Location:       Richmond (Vancouver), BC Canada
                   Telephone:      (604)-274-4657
                   Baud rate:      2400 Max
                   Zone:Net/Node:  1:153/301
                   Hours:          24 hours (anytime)
                   Sysop(s):       Eric Yung
                   Date Began:     Late February, 1991

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--- DB B1073/002487
 * Origin: Gulf Coast BBS -QuickSHARE #2- (904)563-2547 HST/V.32bis (1:365/12)
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