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Date: 02-27-93 (16:33)             Number: 393
From: SCOTT DRYSDALE               Refer#: NONE
  To: ADAM LAUBACH                  Recvd: NO  
Subj: SHELL                          Conf: (2) Quik_Bas

 AL> Is there anyway to do it with batch files???
 AL> Adam

By this I think you mean POKEing the buffer?  Yeah you can
poke the buffer with a batch file name... which is kind of
neat in the way you can have your programmewrite a batch
file with it's name being the last lin, as long as your
programme can re-load the variables from a file what you
have is a shell that virtually clears your memory of your
programme.  Here's the routine I think you were talking

 ---------------------------<snip and cut here>---------------------------
 buffer$ = "runme.bat"                     ' dos commands to enter
 buffer$ = left(buffer$, 14) + CHR$(13)    ' use only 15 characters
 length% = LEN(buffer$)                    ' length of command
 DEF SEG = &H40                            'Bios data segment
 head% = &H1A                              'buffer head pointer
 tail% = &H1C                              'buffer tail pointer
 start% = &H1E                             'type-ahead buffer
 'fill the even bytes with characters from buffer$
 'the odd bytes are reserved for keyboard scan codes
 FOR I% = 1 TO length%
      POKE start% + (I% - 1) * 2, ASC(MID$(buffer$, I%, 1))
 POKE tail%, start% = (I% - 1) * 2          'set new tail pointer
 POKE head%, start%                         'set new head pointer
 DEF SEG                                    'restore segment
 ---------------------------<snip and cut here>---------------------------

Have a ball

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