How does this Work?????

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Date: 02-22-93 (12:02)             Number: 373
From: TONY DAVIS                   Refer#: NONE
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Subj: How does this Work?????        Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
I am taking a course in QuickBasic. All is going well until I found
the following code:

SUB PrintTriangle (char$)

' The PrintTriangle subprogram receives an argument from the main
'   program and uses it to print an equilateral triangle.  The Tab
'   function moves the cursor to the correct column location.

CONST ROWS% = 10     ' set the number of rows to 10
left% = ROWS%        ' use left% to build left side of triangle
right% = ROWS% + 1   ' use right% to build right side of triangle
char$ = "*"

FOR rowCount% = 1 TO ROWS%             ' for each row in the triangle
    FOR i% = left% TO ROWS%
        PRINT TAB(i%); char$;          ' display left side of row
    NEXT i%

    FOR i% = ROWS% + 1 TO right% - 1   ' display right side of row
        PRINT TAB(i%); char$;
    NEXT i%

    PRINT                 ' print carriage return at end of row
    left% = left% - 1     ' first character in next row will start one
    right% = right% + 1   '   space closer to left margin and extend
NEXT rowCount%            '   one space closer to the right margin


I have stepped this through and watched it but I still have a hard time
getting a hold of what's happening. Can anybody explain this any better?

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