Demo of ASM screen fill

 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 02-19-93 (14:40)             Number: 275
From: BRIAN MCLAUGHLIN             Refer#: NONE
  To: ZACK JONES                    Recvd: NO  
Subj: Demo of ASM screen fill        Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
ZJ>I'd like to see what it would look like in ASM - no need
ZJ>to worry about moni
ZJ>checking - I just want to see how it's done in asm.

 OK, Zack. This was tested with QB 4.5, an XT clone(!) and an SVGA monitor.
 (Written for MASM 5.1)

;         >----------------- SNIP HERE -----------------------<

This routine is very limited. ALL it does is demonstrate how to fill a
screen with a single character in the indicated colors. It passes its
parameters both by value (BYVAL) and by reference (the default), just to
illustrate both methods. It should be the fastest thing going!

1. This routine assumes the active display page is 0. This is the QB default,
   so unless you have changed the active display page, don't worry.
2. It assumes a screen size of 25 rows by 80 columns.
3. If this routine is used with an old CGA it WILL cause onscreen snow!
4. The cursor is in NOT updated, changed, moved or messed with in any way.
5. The background/foreground colors are passed as one integer, the color
   attribute. If you don't care about blinking, the simple BASIC formula for
   combining the colors into an attribute is:
       Attr% = FG% + 16 * BG%.
  If you require blinking use this formula:
       Attr% = (FG% AND 16) * 8 + ((BG% AND 7) * 16) + (FG% AND 15)
6. You must pass the segment address of the video memory. On monochrome
   monitors this value should be &HB000, for color monitors this value
   should be &HB800.

Declare it: DECLARE SUB FillScrn (FillChar%, Attr%, BYVAL VidSeg%)
end comment|


        Mov AX, VidSeg          ; since VidSeg can't go directly into ES
        Mov ES, AX              ; make the transfer through AX
        Xor DI, DI              ; ES:DI points at start of display page 0
        Mov BX, Char            ; BX = address where Char can be found
        Mov AL, Byte Ptr [BX]   ; put value of Char into AL
        Mov BX, Attr            ; BX = address where Attr can be found
        Mov AH, Byte Ptr [BX]   ; put value of Attr into AH
        Mov CX, 2000            ; we'll repeat Stosw 2000 times
        Cld                     ; clear direction flag for forward write
        Rep Stosw               ; put char+attr into video buffer CX times
        Ret                     ; return to sender!
FillScrn ENDP
;       >------------------- THAT'S ALL FOLKS --------------------<

Have fun playing with this, Zack and everyone.

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