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Date: 02-14-93 (22:02)             Number: 304
From: DOUGLAS LUSHER               Refer#: NONE
  To: ALL                           Recvd: NO  
Subj: CRC16                          Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
 Someone requested code for 16 bit CRC not long ago. Some code
 was posted in response, but I thought I would post mine too. This
 routine should be much faster than the code posted previously, and
 if speed is critical, this can be made to run even faster with
 just a bit of ASM code. If some one requests it, I will post that.
 Also note that the previously posted code returns the CRC in a
 long integer, my routine returns an integer.

 FUNCTION CRC16% (Target$)
 'returns the 16 bit CRC for the supplied string
 'by Douglas H. Lusher, 13 Feb 1993
 STATIC Initialized%, CRCTable%()

 IF Initialized% GOTO CalcCRC16

 REDIM CRCTable%(255)
 FOR Ptr% = 0 TO 255
   CRC& = Ptr% * 256&
   FOR Bit% = 0 TO 7
     Carry% = ((CRC& AND &H8000) <> 0)
     CRC& = (CRC& * 2) AND &HFFFF&
     CRC& = CRC& XOR (Carry% AND &H1021)
   CRCTable%(Ptr%) = (CRC& - 32768) XOR &H8000
 Initialized% = -1


 CRC& = 0
 FOR Ptr% = 1 TO LEN(Target$)
   Char% = ASC(MID$(Target$, Ptr%))
   CRC& = CRC& * &H100
   CRC& = CRCTable%(((CRC& AND &HFF0000)\ &H10000) XOR Char%) _
             XOR (CRC& AND &HFF00&)    'append this to the line above
 CRC16% = ((CRC& AND &HFFFF&) - 32768) XOR &H8000


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