Qbscrapbook Dist. Sites

 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 02-13-93 (14:37)             Number: 321
From: LEE MADAJCZYK                Refer#: NONE
  To: ALL                           Recvd: NO  
Subj: Qbscrapbook Dist. Sites        Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
                 Quantum Software Distribution Sites       || 2/12/93
   These bulletin board systems are distributing The QuickBASIC
   Scrapbook and all other Quantum Software products. (I Think)
 FidoNet     BBS Name               Phone Number   Location
1:280/5      Infinity BBS (*)       (816)761-0860  Kansas City, MO
1:120/364    Jeff Kaplow's BBS      (313)661-2511  Farmington Hills MI
1:2240/180   The Business Line! BBS (313)743-2989  Burton, MI
1:389/1      TOTAL CHAOS!           (501)972-8381  Jonesboro, Ar.
1:377/21     The Bowling Alley!     (813)876-4493  Tampa, FL
1:241/7      The Misty Mountain BBS (613)687-2497  Ontario, Canada
1:167/123    On-Line II Access      (514)633-9196  Quebec, Canada
1:2615/4     Night Crawler          (412)438-4101  Uniontown, PA
1:3627/101   Periscope BBS          (803)650-8315  Georgetown, SC
1:226/140    RadioLink              (614)766-2162  Columbus, OH
1:391/2000   DarkStar CommCentral   (501)631-5976  Rogers, AR
1:19/99      Riverbend  (Line #1)   (501)563-6829  Arizona
1:325/602.8  StarCom BBS            (802)223-7951  Montpelier, VT
1:260/455    The Sanctuary          This Information Unavailable YET!
                 F'REQing available - QBS-0101.???
            (*)  Logon Name: INFINITY SOFTWARE, no password.
        Mr. Kaplow's BBS name was not recieved due to my error.
        The next Quantum Software release will have the updated
        listing. Any BBS Sysop wishing to join the distribution
           network should netmail me at 1:280/5. Thank YOU!!

... OFFLINE 1.50  "Some days you're the windshield...some
days your the bug..."
--- GEcho 1.00/beta+
 * Origin:  Infinity   -=[HST]=- (1:280/5)
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