MsgSplit 2.00

 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 02-13-93 (14:12)             Number: 384
From: SCOTT WUNSCH                 Refer#: NONE
  To: ALL                           Recvd: NO  
Subj: MsgSplit 2.00                  Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
Salutations, All!

  I hope Victor Yiu doesn't mind that I have already added
to his MsgSplit programe :).  I just added a simple
wordwrap routine to it that will put in the necessary _'s,
even in the middle of a quoted string.  Enjoy!

 Part one of MSGSPLIT.BAS...
________O_/________________________| SNIP |______________________\_O_______
        O \                        | HERE |                      / O

'    浜様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様
'                         MsgSplit 2.00  13-Feb-93                   
'    把陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳
'              (C)Copyright Scott Wunsch and Victor Yiu, 1993         
'    藩様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様
' A great message processor for posting source files.  Converts
' your source files into messages that can be posted in FidoNet
' echos efficiently.  NO MORE PULLING YOUR HAIR OUT when you
' want to post a file!!!

'  MsgSplit 1.00 features:
' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
' -> Expands "tabs" (CHR$(9)s) into -REAL- spaces
' -> Removes unnecessary white space at end of lines
'      (QB has a VERY nasty tendency to do that if you're not careful...)
' -> Warns poster and reader of lines of over 80 characters.  Helps prevent
'      reader from dealing with much word-wrap problems.  First tries to
'      trim spaces, to see if the line will be then <80 char.
' -> Ability to specify message length
' -> Ability to reserve lines on 1st message
' -> Can directly post to preset BlueWave numbers -- saves me a lot of time!
' -> Great code to study and find out how it works!  (Don't I say that about
'      all my creations?!  <G>)  This program was written/produced/debugged
'      in only 45 minutes!!

'  Main change of version 2.00:
' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
' -> Will wrap lines for you, adding in _'s where necessary.  Even handles
'      quoted strings!

'    浜様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様
'                    Comments are *greatly* welcomed!                 
'    把陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳
'               Please write any complaints in this box: []           
'    藩様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様


CONST True = -1, False = 0
Tab$ = CHR$(9): TabSub$ = SPACE$(4)

PRINT "MsgSplit 2.00  (C)Copyright Scott Wunsch and Victor Yiu, 1993."

INPUT "What is the filename to split [.BAS]"; FileName$
IF LEN(FileName$) = 0 THEN END

INPUT "Name according to BlueWave conventions [y/N]"; BW$
BW = UCASE$(LEFT$(BW$, 1)) = "Y"

    INPUT "What echo # to post in"; OutN
    OutN$ = LTRIM$(STR$(OutN))
    INPUT "What message # to start posting in [1]"; FileOutNum
    IF FileOutNum <= 0 THEN FileOutNum = 1
    FileOutNum = 1

Chop = INSTR(FileName$, ".")
IF Chop = 0 THEN
    IF NOT BW THEN OutN$ = FileName$
    FileName$ = UCASE$(FileName$ + ".BAS")
    IF NOT BW THEN OutN$ = LEFT$(FileName$, Chop - 1)
    FileName$ = UCASE$(FileName$)

INPUT "How many lines per message [90]"; LPP
IF LPP <= 10 THEN LPP = 90

INPUT "Reserve how many lines for first message [5]"; Reserve$
IF LEN(Reserve$) THEN
    Reserve = VAL(Reserve$)
    Reserve = 5

Continued on next message...

 * Origin: Pointedly pointless point. -=- Regina, Sask, Canada (1:140/23.1701)
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