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Date: 02-12-93 (16:25)             Number: 370
From: PAUL MILLSAPS                Refer#: NONE
  To: LUIS ESPINOZA                 Recvd: NO  
Subj: Help                           Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
Hello Luis!

03 Feb 93 18:01, Luis Espinoza wrote to Zack Jones:

 LE>         Oh, can anybody repost the ASM and batch I
 LE> posted a few weeks ago?

Here you go:
------------- Snippet starts -------------------------------
 From : Luis Espinoza               1:207/213.5
09 Jan 93  07:13:12
 To   : Francois Roy
10 Jan 93  18:28:28
 Subj : QBSWAP?
 Actually, if you can find SWAP300 on a local board, here
is my
interface for it. If you would like the OBJ, I can UUENCODE it.
        Swap300 is about an 83k file you probably can find locally.
        And this rotuine may NOT be published in any form without
written consent. However you may use it freely.


Here is my batch file to compile it into a lib/qlb.

del swap.qlb
del swap.obj
del swap.lib
tasm /mx /JMASM51 /D_Medium /Dall SWAP,,swap;
tasm /mx PDSSWAP,,pdsswap;
LIB swap.lib + swap + pdsswap + \lang\bc7\lib\qbx.lib;
LINK /Q swap.lib, swap.qlb,,\lang\bc7\lib\qbxqlb.lib;

And here is PDSWAP.ASM

.model  medium,basic

extrn   StringAssign:Far
extrn   StringLength:Far
extrn   _Swap:Far

public  SwapOut

                maxst = 128


Pgmnam  db      128 dup (?)
Cmdlin  db      128 dup (?)
swpfil  db      128 dup (?)

NullStr         proc    uses si,s1:word,s2:word
                push    ds
                push    [s1]
                xor     ax,ax
                push    ax
                push    cs
                push    [s2]
                mov     ax,maxst
                push    ax
                call    StringAssign
                push    [s1]
                call    StringLength
                mov     si,[s2]
                add     ax,si
                mov     si,ax
                mov     byte ptr cs:[si],0
NullStr         endp

SwapOut         proc    s1:Word, s2:Word, se:word, s3:word
                push    [s1]
                lea     ax,Pgmnam
                push    ax
                call    NullStr
                push    [s2]
                lea     ax,cmdlin
                push    ax
                call    NullStr
                push    [s3]
                lea     ax,swpfil
                push    ax
                call    NullStr
                push    cs
                lea     ax,swpfil
                push    ax

                push    ds
                mov     ax,[se]
                push    ax
                push    cs
                lea     ax,cmdlin
                push    ax
                push    cs
                lea     ax,pgmnam
                push    ax
                call    _swap
                add     sp,16
SwapOut         endp

------------- Snippet ends ------------------------------------------------
Take Care,

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