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Date: 02-11-93 (18:40)             Number: 348
From: JOHN GALLAS                  Refer#: NONE
  To: JAMES ZMIJEWSKI               Recvd: NO  
Subj: SOUND BLASTER         2/2      Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
>>> Continued from previous message
SUB WriteReg (Reg%, Value%)
'  Purpose:   Writes to any of the SB/AdLib's registers
'  Variables: Reg%: Register number,
'             Value%: Value to insert in register
'              (Note: The registers are from 00-F5 (hex))
OUT &H388, Reg     '388h = address/status port, 389h = data port
  FOR x = 0 TO 5   ' This tells the SB what register we want to write to
    A = INP(&H388) ' After we write to the address port we must wait 3.3ms
  NEXT x

OUT &H389, Value   ' Send the value for the register to 389h
  FOR x = 0 TO 34  ' Here we must also wait, this time 23ms
    A = INP(&H388)
  NEXT x


---------------------------<clip here>-------------------------

That program will produce a motorcycle engine effect.  I do have code
that will play a frequency (from 0 to 800 I believe) on any of 11
octaves, and I'm waiting for the authors permission to post it.

By the way, we've had quite a few people with names that have been tough
to pronounce in the past few weeks, but yours tops them all!  Can ya
give me a hint?  It looks like Zem-ij-ew-sky - am I close?

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