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Date: 02-13-93 (19:55)             Number: 342
From: EARL MONTGOMERY              Refer#: NONE
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Subj: FONTGEN.DOC                    Conf: (2) Quik_Bas

Earl Montgomery
1 Nov 1990 (Date program completed)
I am trying a different approach to saving the EGA Fonts from
EGA ROM. If the program does not work correctly using
SROMCHAR.BAS please let me know and I'll post a method that
will work. Thanks
Step 1. Run SROMCHAR.BAS from QB. This will save out a file
called ROMFONT.DAT. Do this first!
For those of you who might not be familar with merging these files
into one program, here is what you do:
Press <Alt> and select MERGE
Enter Fontgen.5
Continue Merging .4 .3 .2 .1
Once all parts are merged make sure they appear in the right
order part 1 through 6. If they do press Alt and SAVE AS FONTGEN.BAS
You are now ready to run the program but I suggest you read
this short Doc file first.
One bug I noticed but can't fix at the moment is SOMETIMES when you
press <ENTER> to accept the new character the pixel the cursor is
setting on may not be set or reset as the case may be. However
pressing <ENTER> the second time always seems to correct it.
The file ROMFONT.DAT is the EGA ROM characters BSAVED from
EGA ROM. Keep this file as is. You can Load it and change the
characters but you can't save a new file as ROMFONT.DAT.
While we are on the subject of files, when loading or saving
new files just enter the name. Leave the .DAT off.
Hints: When creating new characters make sure you leave a blank

space on the right margin or your characters will run together
when used later.
The bottom 2 lines can't be used at this time due to the
8*14 restriction. Actually you can draw pixels there but they
won't appear set when you press <ENTER> to accept the character.
The file LOADFONT.BAS shows how you can load your new Fonts into
your own QB programs. Remember you can use it in VGA also
(Scrns 12&13 for sure). I haven't tried it in other screens.
Only ASCII characters between 48 and 122 can be modified.
Enough for now. If you run into problems contact me on the echo.

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