Moving Clock Screen Saver

 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 02-13-93 (03:24)             Number: 225
From: SEAN SULLIVAN                Refer#: NONE
  To: ALL                           Recvd: NO  
Subj: Moving Clock Screen Saver      Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
Greetings and Salutations All!

This is something I whipped up out of boredom.   Feel free to do what you
wish with it.  This means you too, Lee.

----------------8<  cut here >8--------------------------------------------
':::::::::::: MOVING CLOCK SCREEN BLANKER :::::::::::::::::
'Written by: Sean P. Sullivan
'            February 13, 1993
'A simple screen blanker routine. It will display the
'current time, moving it's position once every second.
'It is currently set to run using SCREEN 1 to take
'advantage of the larger characters.  See program comments
'on how to change to different screens.
'This should work on most BASICS from GW to VB.
'This code is released to the public domain.
'It may be printed, used, changed, whatever.
'Printable in QBS: YES!

'---- starting row ----
  row = 1
'---- starting col ----
  col = 1
'---- screen mode (default 1-CGA) ----
  scrn = 1
'---- # cols for SCREEN mode, subtract 14 from max cols ----
'---- to prevent clock from printing off screen         ----
'---- ie:  CGA  max cols=40, so clim=39-14 or 25        ----
  clim = 25
'---- # rows for SCREEN mode, usually always 23 ----
  rlim = 23
'---- freq of clock update (default=1 sec) ----
  freq = 1

'start TIMER

'set screen mode
  SCREEN scrn

'for every change in the timer by the freq amount gosub ShowClock
  ON TIMER(freq) GOSUB ShowClock

'loop until a key is pressed

'turn timer off and exit program

'Show clock subroutine

'clear out old clock position
  LOCATE row, col: PRINT SPACE$(14)
'find new row position between 0-23
  row = 99
  DO WHILE row > rlim
     row = INT(RND(1) * 100) + 1
'find new column position between 0-25
  col = 99
  DO WHILE col > clim
     col = INT(RND(1) * 100) + 1
'print clock at new position
  LOCATE row, col: PRINT "Time: "; TIME$

------------------------8< cut here >8--------------------------------


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 * Origin: COMNET Point #28 [Watervliet, NY] (1:267/113.28)
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