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Date: 02-11-93 (18:41)             Number: 385
From: ROB MCKEE                    Refer#: NONE
  To: DAVID DUREL                   Recvd: NO  
Subj: BACKWARDS FILE READING         Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
Hello DAVID!
   You wrote in a message to ROB MCKEE:

->      OPEN TheFile$ FOR INPUT AS 1
->      Ptr = 0
->      DO UNTIL EOF(1) ' read the file frontwards
->          Ptr = Ptr + 1
->          LINE INPUT #1, a(Ptr)
->      LOOP
->      FOR g = Ptr TO 2 STEP -1 ' Process it backwards

 DD> Thanks, but this isn't what I need....  I don't want to take
 DD> the time to read the entire file from the beginning.  Maybe
 DD> someone out there has a simple assembly routine that I can
 DD> link to my QB code to get this problem solved.  Thanks for
 DD> the reply, anyway.

  You mean Read it Line by Line Backwards...  something Like this..

 Buffer = 8192
 CrLf$= Chr$(13)+ chr$(10)
 TheHandle = FREEFILE
 Open TheFile$ for Binary as TheHandle
 If Buffer > Lof(1) then Buffer = CurPtr - 1
 CurPtr& = Lof(1)-Buffer
 A$= Space$(Buffer)
 Do until CurPtr&=<0
 If Buffer > CurPtr then Buffer = CurPtr - 1:
a$=Space$(Buffer)  Get #1,CurPtr&,a$
   for t= Buffer-1 to 1 step -1
     If mid$(a$,t,2) = CrLf$ then
       EndOfLine = t
       CurPtr&= CurPtr&-t+2 ' put point to be even
       for g= t-1 to 1 step -1
         If mid$(a$,g,2) = CrLf$ then
           StartOfLine = g+2
           TheCurLine$= mid$(a$,StarOfLine,EndOfLine-StarOfLine-1)~
           ' Save It or Whatever
           Exit For

The Above code is untested & very ineffiecent but it should
work...  I don't think you'll be running into any lines
longer than 8192 chars long..

 Catcha Later , I'll see you on the flip side - Rob

--- timEd/B6
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