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 BBS: Inland Empire Archive
Date: 02-09-93 (13:14)             Number: 332
From: HERMAN NIEUWENDAAL           Refer#: NONE
  To: ZACK JONES                    Recvd: NO  
Subj: Re: Print Speeds               Conf: (2) Quik_Bas
 ZJ> ...deleted...  - but if you'll look at the code I'm not trying to fill
 ZJ> the entire screen - just the first 24 lines.  I usually use the 25th
 ZJ> line for informational messages.  To do so the fastest way to do that
 ZJ> is to use PRINT STRING$(1920, 176);
 ZJ> which does it all in one statment instead of executing a
 ZJ> loop 24 or 25 times.

 I know you are hoping this topic will fade,  but try this simple test, you
 may be suprised.  I was.
  'Test 1
    CLS : tme = TIMER
    FOR i% = 1 TO 10
      LOCATE 1, 1
      PRINT STRING$(1920, 176);
      LOCATE 25, 1: PRINT i%;
    NEXT i%
    LOCATE 25, 1: PRINT TIMER - tme, "Press a key for Test 2";
    x$ = INPUT$(1)

  'Test 2
    CLS : tme = TIMER
      FOR i% = 1 TO 10
      FOR x% = 1 TO 24: LOCATE x%, 1: PRINT STRING$(80, 176); : NEXT x%
      LOCATE 25, 1: PRINT i%;
    NEXT i%
    LOCATE 25, 1: PRINT TIMER - tme, "any key to repeat test, ESC to quit";
    x$ = INPUT$(1)
  LOOP UNTIL x$ = CHR$(27)

 ZJ> Believe you me I'll think twice about asking for advice on this echo
 ZJ> again I really hadn't realized just how )*!@$^*!^$)*@#^!@#& up this
 ZJ> echo was.
 I'm not sure whether you are fustrated over all the "are you serious"
 responses, or the misinterpretation of your question (24 lines vs. 25), of
 which I was guilty on both counts <G>.  In any case, it generated some
 thought and I learned a couple things so it was a beneficial thread for me.

... Herman
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