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Date: 02-09-93 (08:46)             Number: 330
From: TOM HAMMOND                  Refer#: NONE
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Subj: Help W/In-Line Code   1/2      Conf: (2) Quik_Bas

I'd appreciate a little direction here, if possible.

Listed in part 2 of 2 is a program (only slightly 'sanitized' from the
original) which was originally written in GWBASIC and which is to be
used with a diskette head cleaning disk to 'scrub' your diskette heads
(back and forth) as the cleaning disk rotates (as opposed to merely
leaving the heads sit in one single place on the cleaning disk).

My reason for even messing with converting this program to QB is to get
around having to keep a copy of GWBASIC handy just for running THIS

My problem is that the program contains some in-line code (see bottom of
program) which is loaded and (I think) causes the heads to cycle back
and forth.  It appears that the code is properly loaded, but I don't
understand how to correctly the call the routine.  The author used 'CALL
ASSEM' but CALL is now used to call SUBROUTINES and I've been unable to
use DEFINE SUB ASSEM() correctly.  Not sure where I've gone wrong.  I'm
certain that it's just some stupid oversight, but I've never dealt with
in-line code before and haven't found much usable info in my QB or PDS

It seems I recall seeing, somewhere, that there are commands available
(in the form of PEEKs and POKEs) to force a drive to position its heads
over any selected track, however I cannot locate it.  If I had those
data, I suspect I could probably eliminate the in-line code completely
and do it all in QB.  Anyone know anything about the PEEKs 'n POKEs I'm
looking for?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks - Tom Hammond

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